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mistat is a statistical program for use on Linux that will use commands from several popular statistical packages, and uses the associated libmistat.

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mistat Current Information (6/21/2004)

I have decided to remove libtecla. Mostly a decision of porting to Windows and usage problems. Also, for some reason I worked a bit on formatting the code (procrastination?).

Descriptive's are back. Also, multiple data dypes are supported (ie, data files can be float, int or both). However, no support for missing. My next project!

The output is still being overhauled. The basic overhaul is completed.

Once I have regression, t-tests, and correlations in limbistat and mistat I will call it an alpha release. Give me about two months.

First Release (requires GSL v. 1.3 or greater and libtecla)!

It is just part of the pre-alpha work. You will find the regression is pretty solid. And you will find the output is to be desired. Lastly, I have not been doing testing on Slackware. But, all has worked fine on Cygwin and the compile farm.

Other Information

The nightly tarball.

Functions Update

Know Bugs

There are quite a few bugs--but it is not even alpha time!:D

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Some source code

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